Outbound, to the Block

The race started Saturday morning  near Newport, at the mouth of Narragansett Bay.  We arrived at the finish line that afternoon in 3rd place.  We stayed over Saturday and Sunday nights  rafted up with Wind-Lass.  The race back started Monday morning.  The crew for the trip out was Charley and Gus, Mark and Matt  K., Jeff and Greg, Roberto.




On our way south for the start we passed a couple

of vintage 12 meters out for a charter.



Warlord warming up for the start.      Kiowa, the eventual winners.





"And we're off", heading out into Rhode Island Sound.



Geometry with denim, dacron and aluminum by Gus.



" . .  a skipper brave and true . . . . "



More art photography by Gus.



Charley, Jeff, Roberto, Matt, Mark


The captain keeps hydrated



Warlord pulling ahead.  (But, stay tuned.)



Reading the wind and tide.  Which is the best course?



Eyes on the prize.






Toe rail view.



The cliffs of Block Island.



After the finish, heading into New Harbor, Block Island.



I wonder where Warlord is . . . .



Ohhh, there they are, just approaching the finish.





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