2006 Pre- Season Activities


April 22, 2006

First Shakedown Cruise

It was kind of a raw day.  At one point we even got mini-hail.  But the real rain held off.

And there was good wind.  It was Great to back out on the water again!  Thanks Charley.

Crew:  Charley, Theresa, Jack, Jeff, Greg, Roberto


Putting the Parts Back On



Theresa K.                    and                      Jack K.


First Casualty of the Season

picture by Greg and theatrics by Roberto


Back In the Saddle Again



Chip Man                                  Able Seaman Goofy


First Tack Around R-8 of the Season





Captain Ta




April 30, 2006

Second Shakedown Cruise

Gusts were over 25 knots and we were a little short handed so we put up the #4 jib and took in a reef.

The skipper didn't see any reason to risk breaking parts on a practice run,

so we rounded C3 and headed back.  A short ride, but fun.

Crew:  Charley, Gus, Theresa, Jack, Roberto, Jeff


Four Kinekes sailing the Seven Seas







Naturally the old Thunder boat wouldn't make over seven knots until the camera was off.

But she did do it.  Seven and change.



Gus at the helm.



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New Headliner Project







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