2006 Special Races


Races other than the regular weekly series, sponsored by different organizations on Narragansett Bay.



June 10, 2006    Rainone Memorial Solo/Twin

crew: Charley and Gus


An annual race for boats crewed by only one or two sailors.  Charley and Gus have a tradition of making this a father-son race and they are usually the champs.


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June 24, 2006    WBYC Fantastic Plastic Regatta

crew: Charley, Tonya, Jeff, Greg

A race for boats over 20 years old.  The threatening rain never really materialized.  Light wind at the beginning, then a good breeze.  We got the gun!

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July 8, 2006    WBYC Newport Storm Regatta

crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg

Flukey wind, a gaff at the start, a nice recovery then a navigationamalistic error which kind of brought us up a day late and a foot short.  DNF

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July 12, 2006  EGYC, Haglund/Hornpipe: postponed

crew: Charley, Eric, Maureen, Jim, Jeff, Greg, Bob, Brian

The race was postponed due to rain, too little wind and area thunderstorms.  However, we didn't find out until we'd left the dock.


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July 22, 2006    WBYC Lady Skipper Regatta

crew: Genevieve, Charley, Tonya, Jeff


Pretty windy.


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August 5, 2006    WBYC McKinley's Regatta

crew: Charley, Tonya, Jeff , Greg


A nice day, but NO wind.


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August 12-14, 2006 Block Island Race Galleries

crew: Charley, Theresa, Gus, Tonya, Roberto, Jeff , Greg

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September 5, 2006  EGYC, Haglund/Hornpipe

crew: Charley, Eric, Maureen, Jim, Jeff, Greg, Amy, Roberto, Chris, Tonya, Cliff

This was a perfect fall evening.  Winds were light, but steady. 


The start was really dorked up in that its signals were not in the standard pattern.  Along with several other boats we executed our spinnaker start about four minutes early.  We figured  what was going on, doused the chute, turned around, repacked, set-up and crossed the starting line just about on time.  A nicely worked recovery by all.


This was a longer race, down to Despair Island just north of Jamestown, for a total of 11.38 nautical miles.  It was a long reach in which we carried first the 0.6 ounce then the smaller red chute.  We did a nice gybe around the mark and carried the red chute most of the way back to R-8.  We had a little altercation with one of the very few rude boats when they went out of their way to luff us at the mark.  We ran up the protest flag.


At the end we were treated to both a nice sunset and a spectacular rising of the near full moon.  We took fifth out of nine.  This was due in part to the high PHRF boats being ahead of the dying wind and in part to our having a crew size better suited to high winds.  However, there was some consolation in beating the rude boat, making the hassle of pursuing the protest unnecessary.



September 17, 2006    NBYA Swanson Cup Regatta

crew: Charley, Roberto, Jeff, Greg, Ron

Delayed start   team race, West Bay YC spinnaker team along with Shanachie and Schedule 80  no wind,  remained light and variable.      Ron joined us for his first race with us  almost three hour delay      Narragansett Bay Yachting Association     light air crap shoot     

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September 23, 2006    Twenty Hundred Club

Round Prudence Island Race


crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg, Roberto


A Very Blustery Day, a real buster.  Wind gusts to over 30 knots and the top boat speed we saw was 9.3 knots.   


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October 22, 2006    Pumpkin Patch Regatta

West Bay Yacht Club


crew: Charley, Roberto, Tonya, Jeff, Amy, Greg


A beautiful fall day.  The wind died just after the race started and picked up 200 yards from the finish line.  So we sailed on. 


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