2006 Special Races

August 12-14, 2006    Twenty Hundred Club Block Island Race

crew:  Charley, Theresa (out), Gus (back), Tonya, Roberto, Jeff , Greg



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Charley's daughter Theresa (Ta) was on crew for the race out to the island.

"Don't pull that ring, Ta.  No, don't!  Ta!!  No!"





A clean shaven skipper.





Greg drivin' ghetto style.





The old chicken chute*.

photo by Theresa






Cookin' along.

photo by Theresa






photo by Theresa







The tale of the tape.  It was a perfect day for a long spinnaker reach.  This is exactly the conditions boats like the two J-105s do best in, with their asymmetrical spinnakers. 






Under the Newport Bridge.






Ta charging up for the big event





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Dutch Harbor Light behind the buoy as we near Newport and the starting line.






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