2006 Special Races


WBYC Fantastic Plastic Regatta

June 24, 2006

crew: Charley, Tonya, Jeff, Greg

A race for boats over 20 years old.  The day started off with a most prodigious early morning rainstorm.  It had slackened by race time, continuing to threaten, though only ever managing a few sprinkles during the regatta.  The course, about ten miles long, took us south near the weather subdued air show at Quonset Air Base: A buoy, Round Rock, Calf Pasture Point, Pine Hill, R-8 and back to A.  There were two classes with four boats in ours, all non-spinnaker.    The wind was almost non-existent at race time so the start was delayed a while.  When we did get the start it was still only 2-4 knots.  However, the wind picked up to a respectable 10-14 knots as we worked our way out of Greenwich Bay.  We got the gun. 



Tonya installing, on the fly, the new line bags she made.

It made us feel like a real race boat.  Woohoo.

Actually, they worked great.  Fewer dorkings*.


Wing and wing, DDW.

(The main sail on one side and the head sail on the other, going Dead Down Wind.)


Tonya, snacking and tailing.


In a never ending quest for more speed we experimented with novel trim methods.


We got the gun!

Paul and Nelson were the race committee.



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