2006 Special Races


August 5, 2006    West Bay 3rd Annual McKinley's Regatta

crew: Charley, Tonya, Jeff, Greg





This was a typical Light Air Crap Shoot




This was the rather recently inaugurated annual West Bay YC McKinley's Pub Regatta.  There wasn't much wind.  We've seen Charley react with remarkable composure and decisiveness in many difficult situations, but he just doesn't do well in light air.  It was a very nice summer day with relatively low humidity and moderate temperature, but just sitting there can be excruciating if you're trying to race.   







Just sitting there, staring up at the tell-tales, trying to get something to happen.








At this point the wind was screaming.








"Greg, weight to l'ward.  Greg, get your butt off the jib.  Greg, weight to l'ward.  Get your butt off the jib.  Weight to l'ward.  Outta the jib. . . . . . "






Rose of Sharon searching for wind on the leeward run.






Charley attempts to stay sane and Tonya tries to dodge the empty water bottles he throws.






There's a finish line there somewhere.

It's between the sailboat with the blue main cover and the 'A' mark.  You can see 'A' can't you?  Its there, the white piece of crap* way to the right of the committee boat. 







Our stable mate Rose of Sharon packing up at the end of the day.







*  see Thunder Glossary




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