2006 Special Races


June 10, 2006    Newport Storm Regatta

crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg






A short race for us.  There was light and spotty wind in the beginning, then we were accused of an early start, for which we took our penalty.  After that we caught up quickly and were doing well in the pack when we ran aground.  It wasn't too bad, but enough that we had to use the motor to get off.  (Turning on your motor disqualifies you from the race.)  So, we turned around and went back in.





The ever reliable Paul Finstein served as the one-man race committee.





Doing our own field research we discovered that when your boat draws 6 1/2 feet and the chart says 6 feet of water at mean low tide and you are sailing at low tide you really can come to a quick stop.  Oh well.  Fortunately it didn't feel like rock.



This year the brewery did manage to get their promotional beer to the clubhouse so their name has been restored to full honors.






For Team Thunder's part, Charley decided to call his two youngest and we all took his 'new' powerboat out to go tubing.


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