2006 Special Races


October 22, 2006    West Bay Yacht Club

Pumpkin Patch Regatta


crew: Charley, Roberto, Tonya, Jeff, Amy, Greg







The End of the Season



Though the forecast was for increasing clouds and cool weather it turned out to be a beautiful fall day.  A great sail to wind up the season.  The wind played tricks on us again as it died just after the race started and picked up again 200 yards from the finish line.  The course had been shortened due to the light wind.  We decided to pull a trick on it and just sailed on, completing the original course to RGN and Ohio Ledge, up north into the bay. 






Jeff ready ready to repel all boarders.







The lovely and gracious Tonya.






Warlord                   and               Second Wind


join the fracas.





Rose of Sharon in a piratey mood.





Space Cat did race committee duty, as they have often this season.





Schedule 80 in their autumnal paint job.





Cap'n Charley a-smilin' and Roberto in a contemplative mood.





Amy condescends to have her picture taken.





Greg in his little world.





The skipper helps clean up while secretly praying Jeff, who's driving, won't put us on the rocks.





The ever-present task of folding the sails on the way in.






Thunder back in the stable.








The Season Ends



2006 Special Races Home



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