2006 Special Races


September 23, 2006    Twenty Hundred Club

Round Prudence Island Race


crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg, Roberto






A Very Blustery Day



We went from last weekend's light air crap shoot to a real buster.  Wind gusted to 30 knots, with this highest burst literally at the finish line.  The high speed we saw for the boat was 9.3 knots.    We witnessed some spectacular broaches by the other yachts and managed one of our own.  Party of 4 essentially rode a controlled broach all the way to victory.  It was Greenwich Bay: Force 10 (after the book Fastnet: Force 10).  This race was an exciting way to finish up the year's regular racing season.





Charley at the nav center.






Committee boat.






Underway, Jeff plays the traveler and Charley drives.






Windy and lumpy.






Roberto and Charley.






Mothballed aircraft carriers in Newport.

The one on the right is the Forestall, the one Charley served on.

I guess he wore it out.





Roberto takes a turn at the wheel.






Makin' wake.






Lunch time.






Greg on a wire, undorking* the spinnaker lines.






Party of 4 crashing their way to victory.






Greg on duty.






Speeding along.






Wave smashing.






One reef and we're still cookin'.






Into the waves.






Apres race.






Somewhere along the line a batten ripped out of the jib.






"That was fun!"






Greg refueling






Headin' for the stables.







*  see Thunder Glossary




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