2006 Special Races


September 17, 2006    NBYA Swanson Cup Regatta


crew: Charley, Roberto, Jeff, Greg, Ron





Waiting for Wind





  This was a team race sponsored by Narragansett Bay Yachting Association.  We sailed for the West Bay YC spinnaker team along with Shanachie and Schedule 80.  Ron joined the crew for his first race with us.  EGYC hosted and managed the 'race'.



There was no wind which delayed the start for almost three hours.  When the race finally began the winds remained light and variable.  We could not figure out how the Abbott 33 named Shearwater with a PHRF of 170 did so darn well, especially when on the first spinnaker set they raised it sideways twice before they finally got it right.  That's a light air crap shoot for you.





Another Light Air Crap Shoot












An old Herreshoff 'S' Boat.





Just mucking about, waiting.





One crew's solution to beating the heat and the boredom.





Spitfire in the holding pattern.





Things begin to stir on the committee boat.

Then, BANG, a starting gun.





Ron and Roberto as we're underway.





Jeff, Ron and Roberto





The S-boat blowing bubblegum.





Dark Star in different wind than ours.





The skipper spends some rare time on the rail.  Even more rare for this race was time riding the windward rail.





Former nemesis, now team mate, Shanachie.





Our other team mate, Schedule 80.






With a fore-hatch spinnaker set it's kind of like watching spaghetti disappear.





Après Regatta.  Now the wind picks up.






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