2006 Special Races


July 22, 2006    West Bay Lady Skippers Regatta

crew: Genevieve, Charley, Tonya, Jeff




This was the annual West Bay YC Lady Skippers Regatta and Genevieve served as our able skipper.  With winds at 4 knots when we were leaving the dock we felt assured with rigging the #1 jib.  However, by the time we were in the five minute starting sequence the winds were up to a steady 15 so we made a quick switch to the #2.  This was the right decision, but headsail changes would eventually be our downfall.


There was a potential of thunderstorms predicted for throughout the day and while it was cloudy, we only had one squall.  We finished in partial sunshine.  The winds picked up to over a steady 20 knots once we left Greenwich Bay.  This was a longer distance race, going south by Quonset, east by the tip of Jamestown then back to 'A' where we had started.  With the high winds and higher gusts it was a real test of Genevieve's attention and stamina.


We put in a reef on the first leg, but shook it out fairly soon.  We had to do a bare head sail change from 2 to 3 because the foil had been improperly lead.  Then we did a successful switch from 3 back to 2.     The wind picked up again and while switching back to the 3 on the lee side the jib got bound in the prefeed.  Jeff stowed it and we stuck with the 2.  Each of these goof ups cost us precious time and eventually the race.  Still, we were short handed in high winds and still performed, managing to pull back ahead after each of the dorks*.






The pre-start dance.

photo by Tom S. of Rose of Sharon






Running the line for the start.  Trim that main, Jeff.

photo by Tom S. of Rose of Sharon





Frau Kapitain Genevieve





Charley and Genevieve





Tonya: great sailor, but not much good for high side weight.





Rose of Sharon





On the wind.

photo by Tom S. of Rose of Sharon





Makin' wake.





Mighty Moose and Thunder.

photo by Tom S. of Rose of Sharon





Genevieve in charge.






Kinda lumpy.  Surfin'.






*  see Thunder Glossary




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