2006 Fall Series


Monday, September 12




Appanoag Harbor Yacht Club



crew: Charley, Jim, Tonya, Jeff, Greg, Roberto, Chris, Richard D.


  The AHYC Fall series begins.  It was a long course in a dying wind.  The finish was probably the latest all year, after nine o'clock.  At times we were drifting with virtually no wind.  Even the skipper started telling jokes.  He never does that during a race.






Committee boat, Whizz





Sunset toward the beginning of the race





The fleet, behind us





The slot





Ridin' the l'ward rail, for light winds




Skip and Roberto






Trying to find wind with the big chute






"If Jeff shoots that flash one more time I'm gonna kill him!"





Loosing light










Rounding mark






Reaching with Big Red














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