2006 Sailing Season


The Gwapes Story


So a duck walks into a country store and asks, "Do you have any qwapes?"  The proprietor replies sternly, "We can't have ducks in here.  You have to leave."  Quietly, the duck exits the establishment.  The next day the duck once again enters the store, waddles up to the counter and asks, "Do you have any qwapes?"  The owner can't quite believe this is happening and once again tells the duck, "We will not serve ducks here.  Now get out."

About the same time the following morning the duck makes his way back into the store, goes to the counter and once again asks for grapes.   Beginning to get quite irritated, the store owner raises his voice at the duck, "Look, for the third time, get out!  If you come in here one more time asking for grapes I'm going to nail your feet to the boardwalk outside!"

A day passes.  The day after that, right on schedule, the duck waddles up to the counter and while the proprietor stands in a stunned, silent fury, asks, "Do you have any hammers?"  The owner chokes out, "No." to which the duck adds, "Do you have any nails?"  Still in a daze, the owner replies, "No."  There is a pause, then the duck asks, "Well, do you have any qwapes?"









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