Spring Series






Appanoag Harbor Yacht Club Spring Series

5/4/06  First race of the Year

crew: Charley, Jim, Jeff, Greg and Amy




Winter's end

Heading in, folding up.


5/16/06   Race 3

It's been raining solid for over a week.

Last week's race was postponed so Race 3 occurred before Race 2.

crew: Charley, Eric, Roberto, Jeff, Jim, Tonya


There was no camera on board and it was just as well.  Three Stooges on the water.

We were really off our game.



5/18/06  Race 2

Much better this time.

crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg, Amy, Roberto, Tonya





5/21/06   West Bay Tune-up Regatta

The Very Blustery Day

crew: Charley, Jeff, Amy, Tonya

Gusts to 25.  Yahoo!

Catered by Tonya.


5/23/06   Race 4

crew: Charley, Jim, Tonya, Jeff, the Mythical Bob N.

Blowing stink with gusts over 25.  No competition except brave little Ragamuffin.  We were impressed with how long they held their chute given the spectacular broaches they provided for our entertainment.  A beautiful spring night, if a bit unseasonably cool.  We ran the #3 jib though didn't reef the main and flew the Chicken Chute* with inexperienced Jeff on the bow.  It was fun to see Panama Red out there as they prepare for their run in the 100th Newport-Bermadu* race, now just a few weeks away.



5/30/06   Race 5

crew: Charley, Jeff, Jim, Tonya and David, Eric and Maureen

Fairly relaxed winds, 6-12.  A very nice early summer evening.

Sort of a Love Boat race with two significant others joining us for the first time.

David and Tonya.


Eric and Maureen.


Panama Red welcomed a new crew member, Vincetta Abbott, to their all woman team.

'Her' burly presence, with short shorts and white bola was, well, uh, disturbing.






6/5/06   Race 6

Since we had already clinched the series the Captain decided to sit this one out and do some necessary maintenance on the engine.





Our friends on Warlord are staying on the hard for the 2006 season for some refurbishing.

This reduces the fun factor noticeably, but we carry on.


There was only the Appanoag race on Tuesday nights for the spring.



*  see Thunder Glossary





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