2006 Summer Series


Monday, June 19




West Bay Yacht Club Monday Night Series


crew: Charley, Gus, Tonya, Eric, Maureen, Jeff, Amy



Steady winds from the south to over 22 knots and whitecaps in the outer course.  One boat blew a main, several others withdrew, we were the only ones to fly a spinnaker.  Yahoooo!  A wild ride.  and, We won!


Jeff forgot to say that Tonya was on her way and we needed to do Plan B at the end of Dock B.






There were some real strong winds and one boat blew out their main.













Maureen and Eric setting the Chicken Chute*






Tonya, petite but mighty







Eric suffering from WBMS

(wet bow man syndrome)






Amy and Tonya in Surf City during the spinnaker run





*  see Thunder Glossary






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