2006 Summer Series


Monday, June 26




6/26/06  WBYC

crew: Charley, Eric, Maureen, Jeff, Greg, Bob, Hiroko, Brian

"Bring up the two.  No, the one.  No, put it back and get the three." sez Cap'n K.  All this before the start.  Another good wind night, 8-14 knots, though easing on the windward (downwind/spinnaker) leg.  Two new guests joined us, Hiroko and Brian.  We made another head sail change later in the first leg, switching back to the middle jib.


One of our competitors, Hermosa, made a truly uncharacteristic goof and rounded the wrong mark, realized their mistake too late and didn't take a penalty turn.  We felt obligated to fly our penalty flag.  In their defense, the course sign on the committee boat was a little confusing if that was all you went by.


Half way through our spinnaker run we set the staysail for the first time.  That was kind of cool and it seemed to help.  The allowance of secondary headsails was a change to the rules this year.  There was an awful lot of folding and bagging on the way back to the dock.



Visitors Brian and Hiroko riding the rail.



Rain had been present most of the first half of the day.  It held off during the race.



Our ragged old protest flag.



Knickers Boy




Minding the chute, Bob on guy and Gus on sheet.



Setting the stays'l.









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