2006 Summer Series


Wednesday, July 19




East Greenwich Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series


crew: Charley, Gus, Eric, Jeff, Greg, Cliff, Brian


Another Bullet


Winds started at what seemed an insistent 14 knots so we put up the #2 jib but they slowly dropped throughout the windward leg, down to about 9 knots.  We should have put up the #1.  We went up toward Providence and RGN, then back to the committee boat somewhere between R-8 and C-3.   For the leeward leg Party of 4, a J-80, were on our heels and kept us trimming diligently.  Behind them there was a lot of spinnaker confusion.  We got the gun and first place.


The northern tip of Prudence and Patience Island.  We don't usually go north.


Arm to the mark?!  Looking for the Red Green Nun.


Party of 4, Anser, Dark Star, and Flyer


Cliff is a made man.  He gets his Thunder hat!






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