2006 Summer Series


Monday, July 31




7/31/06  WBYC

crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg, Eric, Maureen, Roberto, Chris, Shire


Twelve knots, plus and minus, out of the southwest.  The skipper decided to fly the #2 which turned out to be the right choice.  The crew did darn good with tacking and gybing, setting things up and trimming the sails.  We had a good downwind run then turned at R8 for a spinnaker reach to the finish.  We beat Hermosa boat-for-boat as well as Shanachie!  And, WE WON the race by correcting over Evolution, the Mumm!!  Charley expressed admiration for the crew of one of the boats who are always out there racing even though they usually finish at the end of the pack.  We do it for the fun, but it sure is nice to win.


Roberto and his son Chris.


"This skipper makes my head hurt."



Pulling past Rose of Sharon.


The sun is already setting noticeably earlier.


Thinking heavy thoughts?




Greg and Shire, eyes on the chute and the competition.









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