2006 Summer Series


Wednesday, August 2




East Greenwich Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series


crew: Charley, Jim, Eric, Maureen, Roberto, Chris, Tonya, Jeff, Greg


The Race That Almost Started


Rhode Island has been in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures even around 100 degrees for several days.   We went out for the race, loading up on water for what promised to be a hot one.  The EGYC committee boat was on station setting out the course when they called out on the Vichif* to say the race was being cancelled, there was a line of thunderstorms moving in and get back to the harbor as fast as possible.


Of course we had all seen the clouds on the horizon and as we doused sails and headed in the lightning began.  We joked about trying to stay close to boats with taller masts, but it seemed like the little ones kept cozying up to us.  As we were approaching the west end of Greenwich bay we could see a strong wind line moving in from the northwest.  Watching the wind indicator we saw wind bursts as high as 38 knots.  The was some really loud thunder very close by.  The rain didn't start in earnest until we were five minutes out from the slips.  We made it in without incident and even though we didn't race it was an exciting adventure.  The race committee had made a good call.


The weather at the start of the race.


EGYC committee boat


Chris B. helping wrap things up.


Looking northwest toward Appanoag Harbor, and the storm.


picture by Greg


The winds moving in from the N-NW.


We saw a maximum of 38 knots.  Good thing we had the canvas down.


picture by Greg


Just before the rain.


Fastnet Revisited or Greenwich Bay: Force 10

Charley demonstrating the proper technique for sailing during a lightning storm.

(Before the rain started it seemed logical to use something to insulate the wheel.)


picture by Greg






*  see Thunder Glossary






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