2006 Summer Series


Wednesday, August 9




East Greenwich Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series


crew: Charley, Jim, Eric, Maureen, Roberto, Jen, Tonya, Brian, Jeff, Greg, Cliff

Stout wind and a full house!  The optimal compliment for racing Thunder is 7 but tonight we had 11 crew on board.  Fortunately there was plenty of wind and we took advantage of the extra crew weight and flew the #1 jib.  It was a little chaotic with all those people thrashing about but the extra rail meat was noticeable when we were going to windward.  We got the gun.  Cliff distinguished himself as social officer keeping the conversation going.  And going, and going.



The EGYC committee boat heading out.


Full House


Lots of rail meat


Who's gonna grind?  Chivalry and energy collide.



Usually the best action shots are missed because the photographers are busy doing boat things.

The ride back to the marina is more relaxed.



                   Jim                                     Charley, Brian and the rest


Roberto's daughter Jennifer joined us for the first time.



Greg                                                          Tonya and Jeff


picture by Tonya








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