2006 Summer Series


Monday, August 21




8/21/06  WBYC

crew: Jeff G., Charley, Jim, Roberto, Chris, Jeff, Greg, Amy, Eric, Maureen

The visit of the Rock Star in the form of Jeff Gibbs of Haarstick Sails.  Gentle (7-12 knots) winds at a fairly steady rate.  Another full house with ten crew, though still one shy of our season record of eleven.  Tom S. of Rose of Sharon razzed us about being a boatload of refugees from Cuba.  What we learned from Jeff the sailmaker: some good stuff about weight distribution and jib trim.  In appreciation for the education we kidded him rather mercilessly about not making it last Monday because it was so windy. 



The inner circle racers, way in there, in the sun.



Rose of Sharon                   and                      Belvedere



Roberto, Jim, Jeff


Chris, son of Roberto





Jeff, minding his handiwork.  Shanachie in background.


Eric, the peg leg pirate.













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