2006 Summer Series


Wednesday, August 23




East Greenwich Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series


crew: Charley, Eric, Maureen, Jeff, Greg, Amy, Roberto, Chris, Jim, Tom S.

Another night of fairly light winds, 8-13 knots and a full crew.  Captain Tom of Rose of Sharon joined us for the night.  It was a really short course, a little over two miles from Warwick Neck, into Greenwich Bay and back out.  We did okay, came in 2nd behind Dark Star.  To Tom:  "No, the other red fleck line, not that one."  Second to the last race of the series.


Headin' for the start.


Tom S., of Rose of Sharon fame.



Jeff putting on his game face.



                Plenty of rail meat.                                                            Amy


Artsy photo.



Terns vacate a waypoint.


Quasi-artsy photo.


Father and Son chute packing.  It's the special times you remember.



Captain of the Foredeck.                                          Maureen              


Chris and Jim.


Cap'n Crunch



Chris, son of Roberto, is starting to become a regular, the poor lost soul


At speed.



End of the race chores: fold sails, coil lines, rig fenders, drink beer, . . . .



picture by Amy









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