2006 Summer Series


Thursday, September 14




Appanoag Harbor Yacht Club Lady Skipper Summer Series

crew: Tonya, Charley, Jeff, Greg

This was the last race of the AHYC Lady Skipper summer series.  We won!  Way to go Tonya!  Of course, we were the only boat out there.  The race committee made us go ahead and do the race.  Which was fine with us.  Sometimes it's skill, sometimes it's perseverance.   

We met afterward for a wonderful fish chowder prepared by Captain Tonya.  Genevieve was able to join us for that.



Captain Ton-Ja, Warrior Princess


Don't know this guy's name, but "Thanks!"


Greg contemplating something




Nobody here but us chickens





First Mate Charley


Make your own caption:   


Headin' back to the barn


Hey, the bow light works!


Ready to jump to the dock




Super Tonya does it all!









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