2007 Pre- Season Activities


Bottom Sanding on March 24

Charley, Roberto, Greg, Steven, Jeff, Jack


Greg, Charley, Jack, Roberto, Steven, Jeff (camera)



Wet Sanding on April 8

Charley and Jeff



Scrubbing above the water line






If it looks like a duck, . . .



April 13, 2007

Charley, Jeff

Team Thunder Special Ops

Scenario:  We were to have the boat in the slings over the weekend to do final work on the boat before she goes in the water.  Due to an approaching Nor' Easter the boatyard was going to put Thunder in sometime Saturday.

Mission:  Final prep of boat to go in the water, late in the evening, Friday the 13th.

Team: Charley and Jeff








Shakedown Cruises 

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