2007 Summer Series


Wednesday, May 30





East Greenwich Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series

First Race


crew: Charley, Eric, Maureen, Jeff, Greg, Art, Bob, Gary

The first night of the East Greenwich YC Summer Series.  New guy, Gary, joined us for the first time.  A respectable wind of around 15 knots kept us company throughout the night.   Dark Star won even though we had line honors by quite a bit.  That's handicap racing.


A tight start for the A class, the faster spinnaker boats.


Dark Star, back to dog us again this year.


Rail Meat, packed in close

Art, Bob, Greg, Gary, Maureen, Eric (from stern to bow)


A new boat in our class this year, Vixen, breathing down our backs




Eric, the cantankerous bow guy


Dark Star, chasing Vixen to the finish line which we'd already crossed.

DS won on corrected time and we came in second.   Arrrgh.


Greg, in a fit of youthful exuberance goes for a ride in the bos'un's chair.

Water temp:  approximately 58 degrees F.


Close Encounters of the Third Can


Gary and the setting sun


Party of 4, what a little moonlight can do.







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