2007 Summer Series


Wednesday, June 6



East Greenwich Yacht Club,  Race 2

crew: Charley, Jeff, Greg, Eric, Maureen, Gary

Contrary to the forecast of 10-15 knots, we saw a steady 20+ all night with gusts over 25.  Everyone had to be on their game so there was no time to take pictures during the race.  On the way out we saw a smaller boat get laid over.  


We flew the #3 jib and left the main full.  A number of other boats chose to take in a reef.  We did fly a chute, the old Chicken Chute, but it was a pretty hairy affair.  We even managed a gybe with it.  As we were approaching the finish line we got hit by a gust which had to be close to 30.  We don't know for sure because Charley had his eyes closed.  Somehow Vixen managed to beat us.


We later heard that Evolution, the Mumm 30, got knocked over when the spinnaker halyard jammed. The mast was in the water for 5 minutes.  They got it undorked just as someone was reaching for a knife. Our friend Tonya jumped ship on us to ride with the Mumm.  She got quite a few bruises out of the bargain.


Evolution testing the waters. 


Dark Star crashing through the brine 


Vixen, over on her ear


The wind gave Maureen a rather fetching Viking look 


There was plenty of spray






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