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Appanoag Harbor Yacht Club Spring Series

5/8/07  First race of the Year

crew: Charley, Jim, Roberto, Jeff, Amy, Maureen, Eric, Tonya, David

A full house for the first race.  Let the Good Times roll.


Back in the fray.


Eric and rail meat.




 Work Days,  5/12, 5/13

Charley, Roberto, Jeff

Rechock mast; headliner; service winches; fill deck holes; electrical work;

oil interior teak; restring forward lifeline netting; other fiddly bits.



5/15/07  AHYC Race 2

crew:  Charley, Roberto, Jeff, Greg, Bob, Art

Winds forecast at 20 knots with gusts to 40, but after a gusty start the wind slowly wound down.  Mystery Bob showed up again.  And in a further wonder of harmonic convergence, 5 out of 6 crew members wore their Thunder shirts.  Art has yet to earn his.


A lot of misteaks, but we're working out the kinks.  No torn sails tonight, tho some blood on the deck, courtesy of Roberto.



Art the Iron Man                                     Mystery Bob



Race committee                                                             Skip


The only other boat running spinnaker is Schedule 80.

Thanks for the competition guys.


Greg's legs


Greg (he's special), Roberto, Jeff, Charley, Bob

(Art, behind the camera)


5/22/07   Race AHYC 3

crew: Charley, Gus, Jeff, Amy, Greg, Art

A lot of short legs with two spinnaker sets made it hard to get any photos during the race.  There was never any real break in the action.  We're starting to get our act together.  At least we made different mistakes from last week.

Gnarly Cap'n Charley



           Gus                                                        Art, après race cocktails



Amy                                                                                      Alien!!!




AHYC Lady Skipper Race #1

crew: Maureen, Eric, Charley, Gus ?, Jeff, Amy, ?,

The race that wasn't.  In typical AHYC fashion, we showed up for the race that was in the schedule and no one else did.  Not even the race committee.

Where are those knuckleheads?


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There is only the Appanoag race on Tuesday nights for the spring.



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