*  Thunder Boat Glossary

A Guide to Speaking Thunderish


In one of Patrick O'Brian's seafaring novels, Post Captain, naval surgeon Stephen Maturin observes,

"Your mariner is an honest fellow, none better; but he is sadly given to jargon."


It seems also part of the Kineke style to assign pet names to all kinds of things.  Thus, there is an alternative nautical nomenclature which must be mastered to serve efficiently on Funger* Boat.

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Bermadu  code name for the island of Bermuda.


big dog  a powerful or capable entity, usually crew or boat.  As in, "Faster! Grind like a big dog!" or  "Hermosa is coming on like a big dog."  ant.  pig dog


big eyes  binoculars (probably not a term unique to Thunder)


black shoe  a land lubber, someone not sufficiently initiate to the ways of sailing yet who postures as one who is.  Used to 'encourage' a crew member during lapses of attention.  (derivation: the Navy)


boatus   where marine supplies come from if you can't find them at the consignment store.  also meaning "we two", (derivation: Rhodialect) as in "Da boatus are gonna be at da dock a cuppla minutes late."


buh-in  the movable protrusion on a device which is used to control it in some way, as in, "Push the buh-in on the microphone to call the race committee."  (derivation: Rhodialect)  (see: vichif )


chicken chute  the old, smaller and flatter 2.2 ounce spinnaker that came with Thunder.  Identifiable by its many patches and mold stains.  Used in stronger winds.     image


clamshell  ship-shape, in a good state of order, not lubberly.  (derivation: the Navy-Red Rippers)


dorked  to have achieved a state less than that of excellent seamanship; fouled up, tangled, messy.  As in, "The spin guy is all dorked up." or  "Who dorked up my sandwich?"  ant. undorked     image


Enemy, the  all powerboats.  These snarly craft are more often than not piloted by inconsiderate, unknowledgeable land lubbers who blast through regattas, cut big wakes right next to sailboats and generally think they own the damn water.  (see: knucklehead)  Do not wave at them first.  This category does not include working boats such as quahogers, trawlers, tugs, etc.   image     This designation has softened markedly now that Charley is the owner of a small powerboat, see Stinkpot.


Funger  code name for Thunder, created by Jack K. when he was about 3.  More often than not combined with "boat", as in "Funger Boat was a real pig-dog tonight."


goofball  (see: knucklehead)


inch  a unit of measurement which, when used by Charley, can range anywhere from 1/2 of a real inch to 13 inches.  as in, "Let out an inch of jib halyard, please.  More.  Moorrre, about an inch.  More, please.  C'mon, a little more!  Whoa!!  Take it easy!  Not that much!"


jaboni  (see: knucklehead)


knucklehead  anyone behaving in a manner which falls outside the completely arbitrary expectations of the Skipper (i.e.,  crew, Warlord, race committee, etc.)    image


pig dog  anything or anyone operating in an irritating, slothful, unruly or generally disagreeable manner.  Similar to "weenie" but used in a more derisive tone.  ant. big dog


PIO  Pilot Induced Oscillation;  what happens whenever Charley isn't steering.  (derivation: the Navy)  syn. snake wake


"Puff-oan, Mate."   notification of an imminent increase in wind velocity.  Crucial information for the helmsman, but usually regarded as item of casual curiosity by crew.  (derivation: Aussie 18's)


snausage  used to store the various head sails, these are tubular envelopes of sturdy synthetic fabric fitted with a broken zipper.  In proper sailing circles referred to as a "sausage".


spankin’ ‘em  to defeat an opponent in a decisive manner.  syn. horizon job


thingy-ma-bob  any piece of onboard equipment Charley is referring to, usually in a moment of crisis.  As in, "Quick, loosen that thingy-ma-bob or we're all gonna die!"


undork  to restore to a state demonstrative of excellent seamanship; untangle, fix.  ant. dork    image


vichif  the two way marine radio operating on VHF bands.  Device used by the race committee to further confuse competitors regarding details of the course.  Communication is effected by bursts of loud crackling static punctuated by garbled utterances which sound oddly like human speech.


Warlord  curious ship of fools who manage to beat us more often than we'd like (drat!).  A slanderous allegation exists that they are the only yacht in the fleet fitted with a permanent keg installation connected to a tap mounted in the cockpit bulkhead.  We are happy to report that this is false.  It's a fifteen gallon bladder for vodka.  see Competitors page:  image


weenie  someone who fails to live up to the high standards of dedication, bravery and skill which always exemplifies the crew of Thunder.  Or, that crew member who happens to become the sacrificial object of gleeful scorn for the night by the rest of us slackers.  Similar to "pig dog" but reserved for people only and used in a more condescending, mocking tone.  Charley's way of saying, "I love you."


white piece of crap  the additional permanent way point buoys set out as markers for racing courses, A and H.  These are white plastic cylinders with a blue base. They are smaller in diameter than official navigation buoys and emblazoned with an orange letter. This color scheme, an application of recent stealth technology,  renders these buoys almost entirely invisible.  image


winky  in the ancient mystical art, Sailing Zen, a state of transcendental oneness with the wind, boat and spinnaker which can only be achieved after long study with hereditary Zpenn masters (who usually yell a lot).  An elusive state to enter into and even more difficult to sustain.  Manifests in the corporeal world as the proper curl of the upper, windward edge of the spinnaker, while being trimmed. 



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Charley Kineke on Tactics

"Ready!  Fire!  Aim!"

"Put up the Number One (jib) so the wind will pick up."

"If you can, Gas 'em"

"I like to think of chaos amid our crew as one of our great strategic advantages."

or  "Knuckleheads to Victory!"

"You can't beat 'em if you follow 'em."

"Dirty Harry knows these waters really well, let's follow him."

"WWJAD"   (What would Jack Aubrey do?)


"We put 'em up, God takes 'em down."



Charley Kineke on Racing

"It's better to come in last in Spinnaker Class than first place in Non-Spinn."

"If the crew doesn't do at least one headsail change before the start I'm not working them hard enough."



The Thunder Liturgies

  click above for the verbal rituals aboard  


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