Thunder's Home Waters





Greenwich Bay, from the mast of Thunder, at her slip, 2003.

Picture by Greg



Goin' round the buckets.

This is where most of the weeknight race action takes place.

Some of the way points we know, C-3, R-8, Round Rock, Calf Pasture Point, . . .



Looking back at Greenwich Cove, heading out for a soggy race.


East Greenwich, 1930


Zooming out a bit.

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Heading South


The 'Old' Jamestown Bridge.

Being demolished in 2006, after two dynamite sessions.  New bridge in background.



The Newport Bridge, looking south, over Prudence Island (?)


Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound, Block Island

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Don't look here if you are an ardent PETA supporter.


Roodt Eylandt and Other Vintage Images


Other Scenes from Narragansett Bay






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