These are the boats whose spinnakers we have come to recognize, we hope mostly looking off our stern.  The racing couldn't happen without other dedicated skippers and crews who are out there on a regular basis.  It's all in fun, but we want to win.  The better they are, the better they make us.


A special thanks to the people who form the race committees.  They are unsung heroes who make it possible for us to enjoy the sport.  Thanks Ladies and Gents!

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Warlord and Spitfire dock near us, have PHRF numbers close to Thunder's and

we've been racing against them for many years so our competition with them is especially fun.





Captain Vince A.   Metalmast 36     Spinn PHRF: 117

All years but sadly out for refitting in 2006





Captain Chris H.   X-Yachts 99     Spinn PHRF: 108

All years but sadly in different classes for 2006




Rose of Sharon

Captain Tom S.    Beneteau 325     Spinn PHRF: 153

New to spinn class 2006





Captain Bill C.    X-Yachts 33     Spinn PHRF: 117

All years





Captain Scott D.    Beneteau 36.7     Spinn PHRF: 82

Mon nights 2006





Captain Greg F.    Mumm 30     Spinn PHRF: 51

new 2006, Mon nights




Party of 4

Captains Steve O. and Chris P.    J-80     Spinn PHRF: 123

summer 2006






Captain  Karl B.     Juneau 32     Spinn PHRF: 129

Mon nights 2006





Captain Peter A.    Beneteau 35s5     Spinn PHRF: 120

new in 2005




Dark Star

Captain Mark G.    C&C 34     Spinn PHRF: 101

2004 +



Dirty Harry

Captain John L.    J -29     Spinn PHRF: 111





Captain Mark K.    Ranger 22     Spinn PHRF: 243

spring 2006




Schedule 80

Captain Mike T.    Evelyn 26     Spinn PHRF: 171 (can that be right?)

2005, different class for 06




Captain Matt A.    Cork 1720 - 26'     Spinn PHRF: 102

 2004, 2005




If I haven't got your name, or any of the information regarding your boat is inaccurate, please let me know.  Also, your humble Webmeister is rather paranoid about protection of personal information.  In that spirit he has only used initials for last names of most of the people on this site.  If your boat is shown here and you would like your full name included please write.  In that regard, if you would like to be removed from the website entirely I will do that as well.  Email can be sent to Jeff at:  ThunderWeb (at)   Just insert the @ symbol and collapse the address.  My address is presented this way to keep email scavengers from harvesting it from the website.  (I told you I was paranoid.)




Semper Fi

Captain Jack G.    Santana 30

Jack passed away in 2005.  It was a real loss to the local sailing

community as well as the loss of a good friend.







While we try to be good sports, we do sometimes derive entertainment from the mishaps of the other boats.   We don't wish anyone actual harm, but a good spinnaker broach can be grand fun to watch. 

And, truth be told, we've had our share of hourglasses, shrimping and the like.






Our friend Chris from Spitfire has taken umbrage at the inclusion of their (self proclaimed) rare hourglass.  To remove the image would be a serious breach of this journalist's solemnly held responsibility to present the absolute unvarnished truth.  More or less.  As long as it doesn't interfere with entertainment value. 

At any rate, the Webmeister promises that if anyone submits an image of Thunder in a state of serious dorkage he will publish it on this page.






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