Thunder isn't set up entirely this way, but it's still a good guide.


Points O' Sail






Rigging for Spinnaker




Starboard pole, Port set












General guidelines:

Do not fall overboard.  One hand for the boat and one for you.

Watch out for the boom, especially when boat is turning or when a wind shift could swing it.

When in cockpit do not obscure instruments from helm.

Check them periodically to be sure they are not obscured by lines, etc.

Get your body weight to the high side if not busy, unless directed otherwise by skipper.

If working jib trim, after every tack make sure the lazy sheet is reloaded, but leave some slack.

No alcohol until after the race.




We aim for good sportsmanship and respectful treatment of crew and competitors.

We attempt to be a non-swearing boat.

We are a non-smoking boat.


Crew Training

Knots on the Web

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More Knots

More Knots

Online Sailing Course

US Coast Guard Boating Safety




       Glossary Under Construction    

awaiting input from skipper

Crew Glossary

This is the serious glossary, an attempt to standardize commands and responses.

The goal is to improve performance and reduce chance of injury or mishap.



Begin preparation for boat turning:  Gybing! Tacking!


Station check by helm: 


Station check, crew response:  Bow ready!  Main ready!  Jib ready!



Preparation to tack soonReady about!


Boat turning, tack:  Helms Alee!



Preparation to gybe soonStandby to Gybe!


Boat turning, gybe:  Gybe Ho!



One third through turn, release active jib sheet:  Break!


Lift tightening jib off safety lines, stanchions:  Skirt!



Boom crossing cockpit:   HEADS!


Something bad is happening, Duck!:   HEADS!



Spinnaker gear is secured:  Made!


Task completed, gear secured:  Made!



Attend to active winch and pull slack:  Tail!




Words which can be confused:

No, Go,





Job 1:  Keep the tell-tales flying



If you are interested in joining Team Thunder some night contact:   charley.kineke (at)





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