"Point your toes and think heavy thoughts."


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Those people with an individual crew page have served with sufficient regularity to have

accumulated enough pictures for a page, usually 5-10 times in a season.


Crew Training



Your humble Webmeister is rather paranoid about protection of personal information.  In that spirit he has only used initials

for last names of most of the people on this site.  If you would like your full name included on your page please email Jeff at:

ThunderWeb (at) earthlink.net   Just insert the @ symbol and collapse the address.

My address is presented this way to keep address scavengers from harvesting it from the website.

(I told you I was paranoid.)


If you are a Thunder Regular and have additions or suggestions for the website or would like any changes made they are most welcome.  Please email me with any and all input.


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Guest Crew Galleries 2005

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Guest Crew Galleries 2007




(Roberto, Charley, Eric l-r)


If you are interested in joining Team Thunder some night contact:   charley.kineke (at) citizensbank.com



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