In October of 1999 the Kineke family purchased Thunder.  Charley, tribal patriarch and "Maximum Skipper for Life", has a long history of competitive sailing including four years on the sailing team of the US Naval Academy while he attended that institution.  Genevieve's father builds sailboats, large wooden sailboats.  It's not Charley's style to initiate the conversation, but he was a member of the crew of the Naval Academy boat, Alliance, during the infamous 1979 Fastnet Race off Western England.  If asked, he is quite willing to talk about it, though most of the stories tend toward the humorous.  This is typical of his leadership as a captain: highly competent, but he doesn't take himself too seriously (except for beating Warlord!).  Thunder was manufactured a year before Charley was in the Fastnet race and several Peterson 34s (the European OOD-34) participated in the race.  She's a good old boat.

Thunder is berthed in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in the Northeastern United States.  While a family boat, she has primarily been used for local (and some distant) handicap club racing.  Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound have been the setting for most of the action.  Two participations in the Annapolis-Newport race are exceptions worth noting.  (For more on handicap racing click here.)


Various pimply scalawags and ragged nere-do-wells have gravitated to the boat over the years to serve as crew.  We all appreciate Charley's investment which provides us a great deal of fun.  This site is, in part, a tribute to his generosity, skill, leadership and goofy sense of humor.  It is also a celebration of shared camaraderie and a modest, though sincere, thanks to God for the wonder and grandeur of his Creation, in particular, the wet salty windy part.


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